Silent love

Opposites attract!!

But what if you are not in the position to ‘give love a chance’ , so you decide to remain silent about this ……..and flow with the flow.

You are afraid because, you are like north pole, and he’s like south pole. Your thoughts don’t match n’ for this reason you’ve faced many conflicts, still you are good friends ,you enjoy talking to each other, and wanna spend more time together.

Okay! So how much easy, and how much difficult it is to ,burry, in your heart an un-confessed love?


A puppet

It broke my heart to loose you, but you didn’t go alone, a part of me went with you, may for the reason that hidden part of my personality was revealed only to you, n’ it went with you.
You go, and left me in dark clouds of doubts and insecurities.
My hands,legs and my mind are now tied to those strings of doubts n’ insecurities and they play me like a puppet.