Break rules

She restrict herself with hundred rules, but broke every single rule for him.

She longed for him and on every calling, her answer was yes.

She layed with him and fight with his demons, she dropped just anything and everything and met him anytime n’ anywhere.


Motivational Quotes


I’m working my best to reach a place where actions of others don’t effect my emotional state. Am no more becoming a victim of circumstances and depending on conditions for happiness. Because to be happy no reason is actually required. Am stepping away from toxic people, handling them is difficult they are more like blood sucking parasites. They drain us of energy and positivity. Such people are not good for mental health as well. These people are with us …only for their benefits ,they are called ‘good weather friends’. They are only with you for as long as they can use your things , and can take advantage of you. Keeping away such people, am elevating to mental peace, good health, n’ happy heart.