Motivational Quotes

Make gratitude..your attitude

Count your blessings, not your troubles. There is alot to be thankful for. Many of your blessings are hidden treasures. “Whatever we think about and thank about ,we bring about ” . Gratitude is one of the keys to abundance. It’s not joy that makes us greatful, but it’s gratitude that makes us joyful.

Motivational Quotes


I keep thinking about all the light in the world & goodness in people…….and some think am too naive for this,, n’ I don’t fit in.

But am a visionary, I want it all to be true, i see a world full of trustworthy people,,,a world where kindness & morality are not rare………….cuz I like to live with a positive vision.πŸ’Œ

Motivational Quotes

Universe can create anything through you

Live in positivity and harmony with your thoughts and attract what you want. There is nothing that the universe cannot create through you. Your thoughts are magnetic signals,when you send it out in the universe,it will bring same back to you.what you think about the most,is what will appear as your life. All that we are is a result of what we have thought.

Imagination is the power, it’s the preview of life’s coming attractions, whatever the mind can conceive it can achieve. Give wings to your desires, and connect yourself with the thing desired, expect for it to happen at its best , and work towards the fullfilment ,and it will be drawn into your life. The universe always knows the shortest, quickest ,fastest and harmonious way between you and your desires.

Motivational Quotes

Be a warrior

Warriors are not the one who always win ….. warriors are the one who always fight…..

Don’t get disheartened by failures…make it a stepping stone and fight back everytime. Make the moon your target, n if you miss . . You’ll be one of the stars. . . …

Motivational Quotes

Positive life

Feed your mind with good thoughts everyday. If you feed your mind with bad thoughts ,you will have a sick mind. Train your mind to think positive, and become a reservoir of positivity.

Positive vibes attract positive situations. same like in a gathering how successful people attract other successful people, loosers tend to avoid successfull people in gatherings. If you think good and positive you will attract more opportunities and success in your life.

Be a winner ,recognise your limitations but focus on your strength. Be as exicted for other’s achievements you are for yours. In such way you feel good about yourself ,your self-esteem increases, and your performance goes up. And you feel good about others too,that improves your personal as well as professional relationships.

People either inspire you or drain you,pick them wisely. stay away from negative influence and don’t let negative people drag you down.