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Love triangle

Life puts us in many challenging situations. Life flows with time, or life is time or time is life!!!!!!

Anyway, time or life is something that you can’t stop or hold in your hand.

Sometimes we keep chasing someone who’s not meant for us. Or you can say ,that person doesn’t gives us any consideration & didn’t understand our emotions.

But with the persistence of a false hope in our hearts we keep showering our time & love over that person. Without realising, they never asked for it. But there is another situation when they have asked for your time & attention, but they didn’t really need that. You give them attention & show care,,soon you realise your efforts are wasted, what’s more heart breaking than this!!!!!

And when you are busy attending a person, who doesn’t really needs you, you overlook someone’s efforts to talk to you, to be in your life, that person who really needs you.

The passing time adds to the ache in your heart, you realise that you are not getting anything in return for your time , attention & care. Yes, i’hv heard that love doesn’t expects anything……….okay, love doesn’t ‘expects’ but love ‘needs’…… Love needs love in return.

Love is the fuel to love

Care is the fuel to care

For how long you can care for someone without being cared back!!

There comes a time when the clouds of false hope fade away, you start seeing the person who’s desperate for you, who can see through your soul.

Here too can be different situations,, like you need consideration, that you expected from someone else!!!

Or you don’t want them to be hurt because of you, coz you know how it feels to be ignored, & not cared!!!

N last can be ..that as you get closer …you start enjoying the bounty of life Together, you both see the life in same way…!!!

Well who’s truly meant for you, will come upto you, no matter how far they wander…….. they’ll reach your soul.

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Love said to me,”……….

Am love & am not lost anywhere. I live inside you, and am your very existence. Don’t wander here or there in search of me.

To find me you have to look deep inside your soul. You can only see me with the eyes of your spirit.

The eyes that only appreciate materialism are ignorant to my existence. And those hearts will always remain. Thirsty. As greed (for material things) is like sea water, the more one drinks, the third-tier he gets. The one who drowns himself & reaches the depths of the ocean of love, is assured to get to the shores of life.β™₯️


Can love happen over the internet!

Can you fall in love with someone ,you met over the internet!! And is that really love or just some temperoary feelings that you catch being in regular touch with someone!! Can you fall in love with someone just over texts & calls, while you don’t know them in person, never met them .

And if these are temperoary feelings,mistaken for love, can someday be changed into real love!!

Well there are many questions arising in my mind. Ofcourse, who can understand the concept of love, it’s as vast as universe.

I think all of us at some time have experienced this kind of strange attraction towards someone, I can remember 2 or 3 of my friends who are experiencing this ,often telling me how much they miss that person ,and that feeling of incompleteness when they don’t talk for the whole day, getting jealous when they talk to someone else……….I mean all those little things that happen to you when you’re in love……..but wait there’s not any love confession between the two….

Is there any way between friendship & love, what’s ‘more than friendship’ and ‘less than love’ is called?? What will you name that relation!!!

Does love really happen by heart as a poet or a philosopher says, or it’s some strange chemical reactions in our brains, as scientists say. Or it’s a war between heart & mind!