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Be strong enough to leave a toxic situation before it completely destroys you.

You can tell/advise someone over and over again to leave the situation. But they won’t untill they get courage & motivation by their inner self.
Some people don’t realise it takes so much strength to pull yourself out of a poisonous relation/situation with someone you love so deeply. Especially, for an empath or highly sensitive person its way too difficult. Coz they are good at catching other’s feelings. And they absorb alot toxic feelings frm a toxic person.
But one day they’ll wake up & realise that this is not how they want to feel & not the way they want to be treated & they’ll be done. Moving out of a poisonous relation is hell so difficult & it’s not like normal relations ,it takes a long time to get yourself detoxified from such relations & when you’ll do that today or anyday you’ll be proud of yourself. And by this way your true self & your real courage be revealed. *Amrit*

Motivational Quotes


Anything good takes time ,be patient with people ,but chiefly be patient with yourself. For most of our suffering our impatience n’ restlessness is the reason.

The day you plant the seed is not the day you eat the fruit.

Be at peace, sometimes you just need to flow with the life.

Motivational Quotes

Recognise them, Get rid of them.

You see a turning point in your life ,but ignore it cuz you confuse a poisonous relation with love. Love is not poisonous.

You see others experiencing the same what you are going through. You listen to the stories of how someone ended up with a toxic person, and is at misery. You become restless ,coz somewhere deep inside your heart knows ,that if you didn’t get rid of this so called love, which is actually not. You’ll be in this miserable condition.

But putting aside your pride you carry on, coz you want to trust the one you love, you don’t want to give up on him. You want to believe in yourself, and in both of you. That’s a good characteristics of your personality. But has nothing to do with the person ,who only want you for their own benefits.

How can you expect a man who lies to himself everyday ,who believes in his own lies, to be honest with you.. sometimes people try to destroy you bit by bit coz they recognise your power, n’ they don’t want it to exist.

It’s important to recognise the toxic people n’ get rid of them before they completely destroy you.

They are the people who are always offended with the truth, and who have mastered to play the victim or innocent in all aspects. People who behave differently in public to gain a kind ,nice man’s image.

Whenever you find yourself the victim of others bitterness, smallness, or insecurities , you should know that it’s the time to leave. Don’t fear that you’ll lose the great love of your life. You just have a parasite that’s feeding on you until it depletes you & move on. This is not healthy, it’s toxic & definitely not love.

Motivational Quotes, Poetry

Be in harmony like flower and honey bee

Taking a walk in the garden, she heard two flowers conversating. One said, “nights are long & lonely without your embrace. This is the pain of seperation that only we both & our friend the honey bee can understand.”

“For in the day time the honey bee acts as our messenger of love. Since the bee yet has not arrived, my longing for you is getting worse.” ,Said the another flower.

And just in that moment the bee arrived, on seeing him the flowers blossomed with joy. They said,”dear bee, our friend, you bring my beloved’s embrace to me, ang take my embrace to my beloved. Without you our love & our life cannot prosper & this colourful, beautiful garden will be deceased.

And the bee said,”my friend, I come to you everyday to get your nectar for that’s the only purpose, that I took birth as a honey bee, without you my dear, I also cannot exist as you fulfill the purpose of my life.

“If am the messenger of your love, you are the fountain of my life.”πŸ’•