Motivational Quotes

You’ll get through this like you always do.

Never give up, and you will be greatful for this, because later every struggle, ups n’ downs, challenges and disappointments will make sense. Blessings are on their way to reach you.
If you see the magnitude of battle you are fighting, is large, then you can imagine the size of blessing coming.
Every good day will make you remember the fights that you have fought. You’ll be thankfull that you didn’t give up.😊

Motivational Quotes

The axe forgets ,the tree remembers (African proverb)

At some time or another we fall victim to our ego, our fears, and our insecurities. We allow them to speak for us, from a place inside of us that’s not truly our own.

As a result we say things ,we do not mean and hurt those who we only want to love.

Choose your words wisely. Words have power to build and destroy as well. It’s your words that make you friends or enemies.

One person’s momentary slip of tongue may become scars on another person’s heart. You never know for how long your words will stay in someone’s mind, even long after you’ve forgotten you spoke them.

Motivational Quotes

Be a warrior

Warriors are not the one who always win ….. warriors are the one who always fight…..

Don’t get disheartened by failures…make it a stepping stone and fight back everytime. Make the moon your target, n if you miss . . You’ll be one of the stars. . . …