Motivational Quotes

Never give up

In this infinite universe, possibilities are infinite. You just need to recognise them and believe in yourself. If you think you can and if you think you cannot ,you are right in both ways.

Have faith in yourself and take the first step ,start by doing what is possible for you and suddenly you will be doing the impossible. Never loose hope ,never get discouraged by defeats ,because nothing worthwhile in life comes without struggle, obstacles are in your mind ,and people who overcome those obstacles are more secure than those who have never faced them. Everyone faces disappointments, but those win who don’t get disheartened.

“A man is a hero not because he is braver than anyone else, but because he is brave for ten minutes longer.” –Ralph Waldo Emerson.

A smooth sea never made a skillfull mariner. Whenever you fall down in life ,just bounce back.

Motivational Quotes

Narcissist abuse in a narcissist relationship

It’s really hard to cope with a narcissist. With them everything is really not possible cuz one just can’t really survive with a narcissist. They hold grudges against you, for the things they did to you. They accuse others of what actually is an unconscious admission of their own character.

Narcissists can’t think about fixing themselves cuz they believe nothing is really wrong with them, but everyone around them is wrong, cruel and unkind to them.

And it’s heart breaking what they can actually do. They ruin people’s lives and move on like they did nothing wrong. They move on with no remorse, they don’t know what guilt is, cuz according to their belief they are the righteous. My experience with a narcissist says, their favourite sport is ‘the blame game’. They always need someone to put the blames on. They blame others for failures, bad physical health, and anything that’s not going good in their life. They keep telling you that you are toxic in their life. Narcissist uses their ex as an excuse for why they are in a merciful condition, when the reality is exactly the opposite.

Whatever a narcissist do is for a complete show off. They would help the helpless only to create a ‘fake nice image’ to the outside world. They love to pretend how great and kind they are.

What I have most observed in a narcissist is ,they claim themselves as victor as well as the victim at the very same moment , one just can’t figure out how to treat them at the moment. If one would treat them as victor ,they feel that the person is careless about them ,and not Interested in their issues!! And if they are treated like a victim, they get offended. It’s really hard to put up with such people.

They are exceptionally perfect at manipulating, lieing and taking advantage of, they become so mentally disabled ,that they start believing their own lies. You can never know everything is planned for their own benefit. Narcissists don’t know love, they don’t feel love, they only know the feeling that a person is worthless and don’t even deserve a consideration. Know that they believe that’s the only way to relate to people.

So,free yourself from such people before they completely destroy your self-esteem. Just know that it’s not your fault. Walking away from something unhealthy is brave , even my feet stumble on my way out to door ,but I made it. Getting over from a narcissist relationship is so hard cuz it’s on another level of deception, lies and blames that you lost yourself into pulling all this off. Normal relationships don’t have this crazy level of deception.

Motivational Quotes


I’m working my best to reach a place where actions of others don’t effect my emotional state. Am no more becoming a victim of circumstances and depending on conditions for happiness. Because to be happy no reason is actually required. Am stepping away from toxic people, handling them is difficult they are more like blood sucking parasites. They drain us of energy and positivity. Such people are not good for mental health as well. These people are with us …only for their benefits ,they are called ‘good weather friends’. They are only with you for as long as they can use your things , and can take advantage of you. Keeping away such people, am elevating to mental peace, good health, n’ happy heart.

Motivational Quotes

When life was slow and people were happy

In the past times when the life was slow, but people were happy. They were happy because they have got time for little things, those little things were not little at all.

They had time to smell the roses, and to feel the breeze. They invest the time in themselves and smell the fragrance of earth in Rains. Their eyes explore the skies for rainbows. They bathed in sun and counted stars at night. They look for constellations in night skies .

Life was slow but the lives were good. Happiness connected well without wi-fi. Today,I only see sad eyes on smiling faces ,sad and discontented hearts no-one can see.