Motivational Quotes

When life was slow and people were happy

In the past times when the life was slow, but people were happy. They were happy because they have got time for little things, those little things were not little at all.

They had time to smell the roses, and to feel the breeze. They invest the time in themselves and smell the fragrance of earth in Rains. Their eyes explore the skies for rainbows. They bathed in sun and counted stars at night. They look for constellations in night skies .

Life was slow but the lives were good. Happiness connected well without wi-fi. Today,I only see sad eyes on smiling faces ,sad and discontented hearts no-one can see.


She found the happiness in small little things

She never asked for much ,but the small things she needed that filled the space of her heart, were hard to come by. There were people who made her feel as though she asked for the universe ,when all she ever wanted was sometime. And perhaps ,anyone understood why that mattered so much.

Motivational Quotes

People are good anyway

Put your dreams together and move forward. Look for best, work for best and expect the best. Only look for what’s right n’ good in a person or situation, instead of looking for what’s wrong. Become a seeker of good n’ you’ll attract all the good. Because what your subconscious thinks about the most ,the universe conspires itself to make it your reality.

Andrew Carnegie had said,”dealing with people is like digging for gold : when you go digging for an ounce of gold you have to move tons of dirt ,but when you go digging ,you don’t go looking for the dirt ,you go looking for the gold.” Same is true for people and situations they have both negative and positive aspects ,but to get the desired outcome you need to focus on the positive aspects only , “what is focused on, is nurtured”.

Only think of positive things. Think about what’s true and good. Start focusing only on the positive aspects, there is something positive about every person and situation. Whatever you seek you will get. Bieng your’s choice you can seek the good or you can seek the bad.