Motivational Quotes

You’ll get through this like you always do.

Never give up, and you will be greatful for this, because later every struggle, ups n’ downs, challenges and disappointments will make sense. Blessings are on their way to reach you.
If you see the magnitude of battle you are fighting, is large, then you can imagine the size of blessing coming.
Every good day will make you remember the fights that you have fought. You’ll be thankfull that you didn’t give up.😊


Over abundant love

I loved you exceedingly and illogically.

Was it the over abundance of my love ,, that forced you to turn your face away from me….that you took off your hands from me….

My love for you was a flooding river …..but you wanted to drink love from a cup…… You conceal your ears when my love roared….. You only wanted it’s whisperings ………..