Motivational Quotes


The world is a strange place ,where those who lack modesty are considered beautiful, cheaters are considered clever and the loyal are considered to be fools.

|Hazrat Ali|


The host of his love

Because of his superiority complex, she was struggling.
She never mind struggling with him.
But she was struggling because of him.
She loved him with everything she had ,showering all her love at him. But he only knew one way to relate to her, that she doesn’t deserves even a consideration.
Overwhelmed by his obsession with his ownself………….. Before her, he spread his riches of gold & silver and all the material things that he possesses.
And she spread before him ,her heart, spirit & her soul. Still he considered himself the host & her the guest. πŸ’”

Motivational Quotes

Loved ones will stay

If you really want to check onto people, if they’ll stay or not, show them your true emotional side, tell them how heavy is your heart that you carry inside your chest. Speak to them of your anxiety & insecurities., And what demons you fight to get through everyday. And you’d be a little surprised to see that the people who made promises to be at your side would leave. People who once told you ,that you’re their everything , would get tired to listening to your dramatically sad life. They can’t just ‘ ‘listen’ , you didn’t asked for any favour, you didn’t asked for help. You just wanted them to listen ,about how you feel, n’ what keeps you awake at night, But it would break your heart that they didn’t got patience to ‘listen’

It’s sad to see that majority of people unwilling & unknowingly leave their loved ones, their friends or their kids in despair, just because they didn’t ‘listened’. May be it was the time when your loved one was at their emotional peak, & they just wanted to open up their heart to you. And wanna hear the words ‘it’ll be alright, am here, I can feel you.’

Well I had always thought that God has given us one(1) tongue(mouth) & two(2) ears – so that we can talk less n’ listen more. So we need to pay attention to our loved ones, listen to them, spend time with them. As you know well time is the most precious gift that you can give to someone. People say “we had quality time with family” but they ignore the fact that they are more in need of ‘quantity time’.

We humans wander through the brush of life to be in embrace of another human. The ultimate need of a human is another human being.