This deep , unbearable pain in heart & blooded eyes, may be a sign of my sacred love for my beloved. Oh, but it’s the matter of love, that you don’t know about,

The wound that’s given by beloved, is not meant to be cured, tolerate the sorrow but don’t sob.

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Love is like full moon, in the dark sky, it’s never hidden

Emotions is one of the characteristics that’s closely associated with humanity. We are all filled with emotions more or less. Lucky are the people who can express in words ,their love towards their loved ones.

But sometimes, we can’t express our love in words, due to circumstantial factors, or anything. But we always hope that the person will understand , through our actions. No matter spoken or not, we just can’t hide love. If there’s love, it’s always represented in our actions towards them, intentionally,,,but most of the times unintentionally.

The way we talk to them, care for them, the way we behave in their presence…..there are many things,,,,when two hearts communicate without using the language.


all is YOU.

The desire that keeps me Alive, is YOU.

The world I put-up in, is YOU.

The god I worship, is YOU.

The pray I recite, is YOU.

The music ,reed flute produces, when touches my lips, is YOU.

The dance as my body moves, is YOU.

The words I write, is YOU.

what my book tells about, is YOU.

you never leave me alone, wherever I go ,am always in your embrace. I never have to look for you in the outside world, you live in me, you are my very soul.



Staying half-a-way is way too much difficult ……it’s like breaking your heart 100 times in each moment.

Doesn’t matter if the crack between us is as narrow as a thread , or as wide as a valley ……my everything falls inbetween………….

When you are in front of me ..and I cannot talk to you ,it’s like dying hundred deaths………worst is that, when you don’t even realise that.


My love

I pour over you all my love & emotions ,like these clouds pour heavy rains on the earth.

But you couldn’t carry the drops on your palms. That was the end of my love ,that it couldn’t reach your heart, .and that was the end of me.