Motivational Quotes


It’s quite horrible seeing someone, who treated you like shit, where your happiness was unconsiderable.

That same person is treating someone else good. And it’s not jealousy, it’s just that you did everything for them, n Willing to do anything further, for someone who didn’t treated you right.

And now seeing they are capable of doing this all along, but just not for you. Is heart breaking.

Motivational Quotes

Be strong enough to leave a toxic situation before it completely destroys you.

You can tell/advise someone over and over again to leave the situation. But they won’t untill they get courage & motivation by their inner self.
Some people don’t realise it takes so much strength to pull yourself out of a poisonous relation/situation with someone you love so deeply. Especially, for an empath or highly sensitive person its way too difficult. Coz they are good at catching other’s feelings. And they absorb alot toxic feelings frm a toxic person.
But one day they’ll wake up & realise that this is not how they want to feel & not the way they want to be treated & they’ll be done. Moving out of a poisonous relation is hell so difficult & it’s not like normal relations ,it takes a long time to get yourself detoxified from such relations & when you’ll do that today or anyday you’ll be proud of yourself. And by this way your true self & your real courage be revealed. *Amrit*