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Simply good people with kind hearts , is one of the most beautiful miracles of the god β™₯️

Motivational Quotes

Over thinking

We over stress at times and we tend to over think in most of circumstances. Over thinking kills, we are dying of over thinking. It turns into negativity.
By stressing over and continuously thinking about everything, we are slowly killing ourselves. It only turns into sadness and loss of inner peace. The more you over think the less you understand. The more you flood your mind with thoughts , lesser will be space for peace in your heart. Over thinking eats your positivity and happiness and drowns you in negativity and stress.
We need not to stress over things and think too much, that’s not the solution to any issue. A relaxed mind has the natural ability to overcome problems of life. It’s awarded and efficient

Motivational Quotes

Inner peace is real luxury…….

Real luxury is inner peace. You reach a stage in your growth process, when you discover that luxury materials are not enjoyable without emotional stability.
Material things are only wants or desires & desires are never fulfilled. You get what you wished for & still feel like it’s not enough and your mind starts fleeting into a new desire ,even in the presence of the previous thing desired. You have no control over this & lack of control always results into stress. Whereas emotional stability & inner peace is a need that can’t be escaped or ignored. Self-awareness is the key to your growth towards eternal bliss & unconditional love. And self-awareness can be achieved by questioning yourself , that if you want to manifest something for your own self or to earn a reaction from people!!…… takes a very honest conversation with yourself to find out that most of the things you Do for what other people think of you. And to get validation from people.
When you will liberate yourself from this attention seeking game ,inner peace becomes your luxury.