9 thoughts on “Peace”

    1. Moments are not exactly made by thoughts, first we think , or imagine, or plan ,then we take action about it, then a moment is created ,
      It depends on what we choose to think . positive or negative

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  1. Peace is a gift of the Holy Spirit, not natural at all. We must be in relationship with God to experience the gift of peace. It is not a product of the moment for one moment can be calm and one moment can be chaotic and peace is a constant, underlying, joyful contentment despite what is happening in the moment. But this sounds very nice. Your words, even when I disagree with their origin because of differing life views, are beautiful and well coordinated.❀

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    1. Meditation is best way to achieve peace,,
      Our thoughts destroy our mental peace, when we over think ,, over thinking .turns into negative thinking …….


      1. So does a lack of thinking. I have heard this but it is not the truth. Peace is a gift of the Holy Spirit when immersing oneself in truth. Meditation amplifies what is in the mind or allows the guiding into someone else’s thoughts, for better or worse. Peace in its pure form is a fit of the Holy Spirit and is intertwined with thr other gifts of the Holy Spirit, such as love, joy, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. All are rooted in truth and embedded in our desired from our Creator God. A relationship with God is embracing the simple truth of it, it is a gift of grace and not some mystery you work for. Very cool.


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