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Wants or needs

Our ‘wants’ most of the times, overtake our ‘needs’ !!!!!!

How true is that!

I believe that’s why the lives are difficult…we get everything we want …but still there is no contentment….we crave for more n’ more. Wants become greed, and thirst of greed can never be fulfilled

we ignore the true needs of our soul!!!

10 thoughts on “Wants or needs”

  1. Nagadathan asks, “Vishnugupta, which is dharma?”,
    and Chanakya, the master strategist,
    says, “What we’re in need of, that is dharma.”
    Thus, a want is always desire slightly hanging to fall into greed by anytime.
    If its justice , want is justified!

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  2. …..You are Living as Your Soul,
    You are Loving as a God,
    You stand in the invincible courage that is your compassion,
    You breathe in the serenity that is your unalloyed joy,
    You breathe out the essence of divine creation,
    You become form of love and feeling of knowing,
    You become who you truly are,
    And have always been formed to be.

    Kim Hutchison

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