Can love happen over the internet!

Can you fall in love with someone ,you met over the internet!! And is that really love or just some temperoary feelings that you catch being in regular touch with someone!! Can you fall in love with someone just over texts & calls, while you don’t know them in person, never met them .

And if these are temperoary feelings,mistaken for love, can someday be changed into real love!!

Well there are many questions arising in my mind. Ofcourse, who can understand the concept of love, it’s as vast as universe.

I think all of us at some time have experienced this kind of strange attraction towards someone, I can remember 2 or 3 of my friends who are experiencing this ,often telling me how much they miss that person ,and that feeling of incompleteness when they don’t talk for the whole day, getting jealous when they talk to someone else……….I mean all those little things that happen to you when you’re in love……..but wait there’s not any love confession between the two….

Is there any way between friendship & love, what’s ‘more than friendship’ and ‘less than love’ is called?? What will you name that relation!!!

Does love really happen by heart as a poet or a philosopher says, or it’s some strange chemical reactions in our brains, as scientists say. Or it’s a war between heart & mind!

18 thoughts on “Can love happen over the internet!”

  1. Great post good question! Be careful of the internet! I feel in love with my husband more from our phone conversations because he was away at the time but we have face to face communication before I feel in love with him so ours I believe is different. So I’m gonna say No!

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  2. Heart breaks for what mind cries but denies!!
    Mind does self driven thoughts.
    Heart does not offer a second thought.
    That’s why people say,
    Follow your heart !
    Speak your mind!
    Love happens wherever you find a soulful connection!
    Medium varies, bonding remains the same.

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  3. There is love and there is desire and then there is a mixture of both, in β€œonline” life as well as β€œreal” life. True love involves no suffering (no jealousy, yearning, lust). But desire is normal and natural too. It’s what we do with it and whether that benefits others that counts, perhaps. Great questions/thoughts here

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      1. Ok yes I believe you are right. That’s true too. πŸ™ Another thing that’s true is I have to try to stop commenting while at the grocery store. πŸ˜†

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