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Be strong enough to leave a toxic situation before it completely destroys you.

You can tell/advise someone over and over again to leave the situation. But they won’t untill they get courage & motivation by their inner self.
Some people don’t realise it takes so much strength to pull yourself out of a poisonous relation/situation with someone you love so deeply. Especially, for an empath or highly sensitive person its way too difficult. Coz they are good at catching other’s feelings. And they absorb alot toxic feelings frm a toxic person.
But one day they’ll wake up & realise that this is not how they want to feel & not the way they want to be treated & they’ll be done. Moving out of a poisonous relation is hell so difficult & it’s not like normal relations ,it takes a long time to get yourself detoxified from such relations & when you’ll do that today or anyday you’ll be proud of yourself. And by this way your true self & your real courage be revealed. *Amrit*

20 thoughts on “Be strong enough to leave a toxic situation before it completely destroys you.”

  1. My mother is a malignant narcissist. I did not know that until recently, though I knew she was highly abusive. I am 70 years of age and she is 93 and dying of emphtsema. Yes, she has been toxic to me, and there have been times when I have cut off from her completely. However, I alwats kind of loved her, and never forgot her.

    Because she is now so sick I do go to her sometimes, and talk to her on the phone. It is hard. I am sick myself, from cancer. I am blind and wheekchair bound and in constant pain. Everyone says I should leave her. Have no contact with her. I have heard this most of my life. And oh boy, I have wanted that so much. But never did I do it completely. Lots of reasons.

    Now, I am STILL being told to cut off from her. To not care about her. But I do. And Iwill NOT cut off. We gave a shared history with my beautuful grandmother, and the farm. Happy memories. Iwill not desert her in her agony. I cluld not be that cruel, however cruel she has been to me. If she died tomorrow, I could never live with myself if I did that. You can’t go back once someone is dead. And no one is ALL bad.

    But if I were you ger, knowing what I do now, maybe I would have cut off for ever. But I would always havewi p dred. How is she? What is she doing now! And what about my sister and brother?

    Sometimes cutting off completely is not for the best. In my case it is not. But for some people it may be.

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  2. One is a part of his/her mother,, hence, cn never cut off. No matter what . Mother and relation is pure,
    One is born out of his mother, hence,inseperable.
    I would never judge a mother n a child relation ….m no-one to do that .

    Yes but am talking abt other relations that we develop in our life as we grow ……. friends…soulmates……or anyone ….they just can’t destroy us ..becoz they are not normal


  3. Its not an easy thing to do but once you do you will learn to thank yourself. You can then learn to be your true self and be be safe. I personally lived on and off for years in toxic unsafe relationships. Now after 10 years I am free and loving life.

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  4. Can anything be ‘extremely’ true? Well, this is. The push, the pull, the power, the determination, the need, the desperation, all have to come from within. And until it does any would-be adviser or encouraging friend may as well piss in the wind.
    Besides which, I like the post. πŸ™‚

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  5. Wondderful post. Almost 8 months ago I left my fiancee. We dated for one year and i moved in after he proposed. Instantly, he showed me a different side of him. I lived with him for three months and he tried to control me, isolate me from my family and friends. Most important he wanted to smash my vision for my life. Fastfowrd…I enjoy being single. I live in a great place and moving forward with my vision for my life. Check out my YouTube channel Conversations with j. R. Floyd. Thank you for readingπŸ’–

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      1. The fault in stars cannot be rewritten.
        No relationship is healthy forever.
        It’s all about finding peace in the travel of healthy to toxicious. The purpose of life lies with those numbered days. It’s not an art , it’s science with less known facts!!
        Letting go is mandatory 😯

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